Im a very big supporter of Train Fever. The game is nice but I have to agree with Wowi. This last patch really put me down. Translation? Really? Let modders translate the game. Unnecessary. The game needs so little reading. Its not like we are playing Europa Universalis or Diablo.

The save game compression is good but without cloud save I don’t see the need. Users of SSD like me can just create a symbolic link or enable folder compression. Or simply delete old autosaves. I’m not saying was not a good improvement, I’m saying there are tons of other more important things to use their time with.

The cargo was good update, but still, little improvement.

Prison Architect is in alpha stage, have major updates every month (MAJOR updates) and have Steam Workshop fully implemented.

We have to suffer with poor vehicle replacement feature that was promised in early development.

This are the list of features I collected very carefully in devs posts and announcements even before beta test. The ones that are not implement are scratched:


  • Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Randomly generated, modifiable terrain with realistic dimensions (256 square km or 16×16 Km with one meter resolution). It will be possible to create a map like 8×32 Km.
  • Procedural generated buildings.
  • Dynamically simulated urban development. Player will be able to influence the growth of the city, build roads as well as destroy houses.
  • No grid – that is, the game world is not limited to 90 (or 45) degree angles.
  • 50 vehicles at the initial release. Starting from 1850 till today. There will be carriages, horse street cars, 30 trains and more than 10 buses, trucks and streetcars each. (I did not count!)
  • Four distinct characters. The four basic skills directly affect game-deciding parameters such as access to infrastructure and vehicle market, maintenance rates, access to statistics and intelligent organization, and much more.
  • Skill system.
  • Freely adjustable zoom factor.
  • Single player only. There is no multi-player mode or AI in the initial release. Those features can be added if the game sells well.
  • Current design includes coal, iron ore, steel, wood, stock, grain, oil and goods freight. As well as move passengers.
  • Each person is individually simulated. Given a home address and a working place, people decide whether to travel by foot, by car or by using public transport. Every person has his work-home routine with additional leisure routes. It’s possible to follow them all the time.
  • People look for workplaces. The more workplaces they can reach within a limited traveling time, the more attractive is their living address. More attractive means a higher land price, leading to higher urban density and growth.
  • Buildings are not premodeled and instanced. You will never see the same building twice.
  • It will be possible to add platforms (parallel to the existing ones) to a station, but only within limits that depend on the station type. For example, a small station cannot have more than three platforms. Bus stops can be upgraded too, e.g. a simple stop can be provided with a turnout/bay.
  • Adjacent stations/stops can be grouped so that they’re treated as a single station. While this is essentially a hub, the station and terminal are not under one roof, i.e. their original building is retained. Shops and booth can’t be added directly, but the structures will generate revenue automatically as the number of passengers increases.
  • There will be signals for tracks. Trains are not going to pass through each other, you have to create good signals and create a nice layout.
  • There will be no timetables. You can add signals or change the street layout to optimize a route.
  • Player will not have control over pricing. The attraction for using the players transportation mainly depends on the time benefit the inhabitants will get using your public transportation line.
  • An in-game year will pass in 8 minutes. You’re able to speed the time up, what will shorten an in-game year.
  • Currently the terrain forming is done dynamically while building tracks or buildings. The cost of a track is increasing if you’re changing the terrain, depending on changed terrain.
  • There will be Bridges and Tunnels.