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It’s reality; trains do crash. I have yet to see a game ( with the exception of RRT) actually have a train wreck/ com flying off the tracks, slamming into a car, or another train.  Being realistic and would damage your economic growth. It costs alot to clear a wreck, incidental death disasters.   Could all be caused by perhaps frozen switches in the cold, or the signal system just failing and letting a train through when it supposed to be at danger.


Other question would be mod tools, Would they be released or would players have and ability to add their own engines/ cars?  30 is nice, but there are so many other engines. I love the Berkshires, KK4, streamliners, Trains of Germany, England, Russia.. etc.  Unfortunatly I lack skills to mod but It’s always awesome to see other peoples work.


As per train length I dont see a reason for it to be above 50. ( though Im still against hardcoding it)  The time it takes in the yard is just part of assembling the train together when there is a lack of a classification yard etc.. would be sweet to see a game incorperate shunting. Would bring a whole new meaning to controling your empire and trains on time.