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I hate to double post, but I can’t edit my last.

I’d love if a railroad business sim would go all out into the dynamics of railroading..  as in when a train pulls into a station, as the train loads it would either A) the loco switches on the track ahead decoupling from the rest reverses switches back onto the track the loading train is  buffers up couples and pulls the train with the engine going in reverse. B) a turntable so Locos could change directions and switch back onto the main and buffer up back to the other end facing the proper direction. C) go into a loop track and then reverse to buffer up.   D) actually have a classification yard with a shunter engine that assembles trains to go out onto the main line when you purchase a train and cars.

It would yes change the game dynamics to a degree.. I honestly think it would make the game a bit more difficult as you would have to work around the workings of actual train movement. Hence the reason for signals.  For loading of a train I loved meier’s Railroads for actually showing loading of rail cars from industry.   All A dream I know.. =/ perhaps one day.. one day..