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Yea, thats a other issue. Cargo stations dont look like passanger station in real life. Well, they maybe did in the 1900-century, but not today. A normal bulk cargo station let the train pass in low speed (like 3-4 km/h) and load the wagons after each other.
I would rather have a cargo station that is only one wagon long and where the train just pass and fills (or emtys). Where i live this is kind of a standard for everything from wood chiping to grain and iron ore. Can build 2 or 3 sections to increas the speed of the train. Say 2km/h with one section 4 with 2 and so on.

Pallet cargo work very differently with train building and so on… It kind of don’t work at all in a game like tranfever. So i think pallet and container train sould be loaded in a similar way that bulk cargo. Having a 250 meter long cargo station is just strange.