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Making timetable will completely change the logic of train running, as a software developer, I don’t think they will introduce it soon.

Whta’s more, defining a timetable is much more complicated than you have imagined, in real life(as I worked at SNCF on a timetable project before), timetable is made up by 3 levels : MISSON / PATH MODEL / PATH, in the train fever, we have already MISSION level( a macro level timetable, that defines stops), PATH MODEL and PATH (both micro level) is not there. PATH MODEL defines the track to use and the conceptual timetable constraints such as stopping duration, departure time and waiting constraints(the train can not part before the arrival of another PATH, or train etc) for one pattern of stops, and PATH defines departure time of the very first stop. I think that will be difficult for beginners to master these concepts.


What’s more, with timetable you will never have round trip, you link the single-ride to be a round trip or send the train to the depot after the timetable

And the game should implement real life scale time.

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  • This reply was modified 9 years, 8 months ago by Enzojz.