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There is very low penalty for reselling bought trains and wagons, which is why I always, ALWAYS sell the lot not just because it isn’t costly but also because in this game, sending a train in depot usually hits your line very badly, because for some reason, as soon as your train is out of the line for 3 seconds, industry thinks that the line is dead for good and starts shipping by road and also downgrading production massively fast. This is why i always try to minimise the train/wagon replacing as much as possible, by going to the depot only when it’s necessary and making sure you upgrade the most in one go, which means I sell all the old at the same time and buy all the new so that i save the line for maybe next 30 years or so … except when trains age very fast which is a problem exactly because leaving line empty to replace the train for just 3 second does chaos in this game.