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Can’t agree with this. The trains vs. road traffic balance is not very good at the moment, especially in the cargo business. These balance issues are something that can only be fixed via through testing by a large amount of players. Almost every game suffers from the same issues, just look at any major release during the last years. For example Civ 5 was horribly unbalanced at release and still I’d hardly call it a failure at every level.

Well then let’s list the things it’s good at:

1. replacing vehicles? no
2. Laying track? Collisions! or drawing the track from A to B Fails (2 ends of lines) but B to A suddenly works? or Bridge pillars
3. city growth? Random doesn’t work for everything cities become a mess
4. Upgrading roads? Not even close. More collisions!
5. laying road? can we say rail crossing?
6. Scheduling? Can we say tedious micromanaged spacing?
7. maps? what little randomness there is is in fact extremely little.
8. industry? One final good for all industries? Awesome!

Please tell us even one thing this game does well. Balance is only the tip of the iceberg and trying to handwave this with “every major release” no.. that’s apologist speak. Every major release is not in the state that this is. While most major releases have bugs of varying degrees, they usually still do some things right and well. This does nothing right at any point.