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It has mod support :P

But in all seriousness, crossmr is not wrong… but for some reason, I still enjoy playing it, even with the current issues.
How long that lasts remains to be seen though.

I agree with most things in the 1-8 list, but perhaps tolerate it a little more, no disrespect intended there.

Some of the issues would be a lot less frustrating if an undo button or the ability to plot multiple sections of track at once before committing to the build was implemented, but some can’t be fixed like this.. such as bulldozing a station in order to replace it, only to find a ‘collision’ now exists and you have to bulldoze 10m worth of buildings around it.. even for the same size station.

At the end of the day though, I would love to see this game become a success.

Even mod support is flawed. A great industry system could be made, if it wasn’t hard coded that the cities only took “goods”.  The game has potential, but the devs really need to step it up immediately or its going to fade into obscurity. It doesn’t have much time left before the new car smell wears off and people really start forgetting about this game any future patches barely get seen.