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Wow. This thread is not for whining about a beta. (As this game is!)
Please stay with the facts and data you can get from the game and do not personally attack other player.

This thread should be about the tram vs trains balance. Of course I can try not to use intercity trams, but it is extremly difficult. If you play on hard (From some statements I think the person never tried it) even with a perfect spot you could barley getting the “golden 0” in the balance. – And in the same time you can make shitloads of monies using trams…

Here is some stuff I found during testing:
– Infrastructure maintenance is not scaled with time (years). – Which makes them high in the beginning compared to the passenger count.
– There are some strange gasp / “bugs” with the vehicle timeline. – There is another thread about this. – For example “LNER Class A4” has top speed of 145, but there are no cars which can go 145 until the locomotive is already obsolete.
– The balance gets much better from 1960 / 1970 because the ratio of the top speed train vs. tram get much better – This ratio is
fastest train vs the fastest tram (running cost per passenger – tram compared to train)
1887 45km/h vs 25km/h (1/4)
1906 50km/h vs. 40km/h ( worst ratio! – 1/8)
1920 100km/h vs. 60km/h (1/7)
1965 200 vs. 60 (1/5)
– Cars do not take traffic jams into path-finding, but your tram / buses do. – Result is vicious circle, more cars: slower trams: more cars: even slower trams…
– There is pretty much no infrastructure cost for trams -> tracks, depot are free and stops are really cheap. – Even a small 3 City track with 2 train station costs about 200-300k / year…