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Maybe one can use those small rail busses, get high frequency, and teach them to use the rail and not the road.

When the time is right maybe one can sell all those rail busses and buy a big train when the poplation fot the point of trains. Maybe I could change the fare, or offer free newspapers in the morning.

Long distance trains should need a dining car with coffee, otherwise the travelers get grumpy.

I played 30 hours straight now, but I am ready to do it again, but a but different, scrap the trams buy rail busses. I will have to pepper the rail line with signals to create a million tiny tiny blocks to squeeze them all in , so they dont say waiting for free path.

then you remove them when you start running big trains that you want propers spacing on.

I give this game 5 more tries and then I will try a medium map. I use all the tricks I figured, and all tricks you have written on the forum … except trams. I think they are a trap that will result in total gridlock.

Also remember that you can tunnel under the old city so you can warp from one end of the city to the other. beep beep! 5 more tries. Got to get the trains working, at the same time the entore map looks realistic and the AI have multiple choices.

Have you noticed another weird thing in the end game you get a 34 ton modern truck, it can load more then a railway car? huh?