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I think, that very early, so in the era of horses, horse trams and steam trams have no superiority over coaches + costs for tram tracks, so I didn’t bought them back then.
But, I think its the third tram, the little green one, was the first to transport more passengers and to be faster than the coaches at the time.
Later on, I’m now in 1965 with T1-Trams, I use them, because imho, although busses can alrdy go 80 km/h and the tram can go only 60 km/h, the busses will never reach those 80, not in the city, since they reach the next stop before they hit 60 km/h + they cost more in maintanance than my T1 trams.
So I stick to those trams and have nearly no use for the available bus vehicles.

I think, those buses are not meant to be used in intra city transport, imho they’re more meant as alternative to trains, when you’re either low on money or try to achieve the truck fever achievement, because I think, they could easily hit their 80 km/h outside the cities, when they don’t have to slow down or stop that often.

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