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Yeah, I don’t know, sorry. I don’t even play this any more. I found a game called SpinTires that is really fun to play and doesn’t have all these problems. It even has multi-player and the game engine is just fa nominal in the way it works. The suspension on the trucks actually move with the terrain. Awesome game to me. I like transport games but only come here now to see if they fixed it yet. I’ll start playing it again if they ever do fix it, maybe. This other game has my attention now and am gonna start modding in it. It’s still under development and was written that it was in many places. Not like this game where the users weren’t told about all the problems it has. And I only paid $10.00 for SpinTires. I would rather have given them the $34.00 and give these idiots the 10. SpinTires is well worth the money.

If and/or when they do fix this, they’ll only have their fanboys playing this probably. I’m surprised to see you hung out for this long. I gave up after Micheal told me it was my fault that the game crashed while I was sleeping. lol. That was it for me.

Good luck. I hope you figure it out. Sorry I can’t be more helpful with this. The people on the German site did a lot more testing on things. The only problem is the German language and the translators suck and aren’t very helpful. But they know a lot more about the game than people here and would be more helpful. Ya just need to understand German.