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Interesting, as i never had any issues with the Cim2, but then again, if it was all that, it got fixed, right?

It’s not a city builder forum true, but people are just saying that since this game and it’s updating is what it is, they are moving on to the other games and might be that they don’t come back. Which counts as a lost and unhappy customer which again is not great for the potential future sales. After all, it’s just a question of how developer handles these things and Skylines was brought in as an example of good work by their developer, Colossal Order. I appreciate also that Urban Games is a small team, but so is CO and they always have time to comment on things. Not everything, but into threads like this for sure.

All i would like to know is why they are doing such a sloppy job? Why the dedication is not there and things made as well as possible with a proper testing taking its place before release. Why not speak with the customers?