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Most of you all are forgetting, you got a free DLC, for free. Be grateful they didn’t charge you. Also, relax. Its not even be a full 72hrs, and its now just Monday. Patches are sure to come to fix things, and make people happy with the new DLC. Yes the cities are Europe still, yes the roads are still EU, but who the hell cares. If you guys are knitpicking that much, on a NON-GAMEPLAY ISSUE, then you all need help. Or leave TF. If you crying about things that breaking your immersion, and that is NOT breaking your game to the point its BROKEN, THEN STOP CRYING.

Oh, and you guys think Cities Skylines be better? Are you guys not aware that that dev is shady as all get out, and how CIM2 was a disaster at launch, and its horrible learning curve?


You also do know cities skylines is more of a SimCity clone, then a transportation.


But hey, if you people wanna cry about cities being EU, and not GAME BREAKING BUGS, then please, off to Cities for you, and good riddens!