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Most of you all are forgetting, you got a free DLC, for free. Be grateful they didn’t charge you. Also, relax. Its not even be a full 72hrs, and its now just Monday. Patches are sure to come to fix things, and make people happy with the new DLC.

Yes, I did in fact make point of this in my original post and it’s certainly true to say i’d rather have the pack than not. However, you’re missing the point, most of us are just fed up with how half hearted Urban Games do things. Answer me this, WHY NOT TEST THE THING and show a bit of PRIDE in your work? I know that if I was on the UG team, i’d be VERY embarresed. Also, to say something like ” Patches are sure to come to fix things….” is just playing to their lazyness. Patches USED to be for games that needed one or two bugs fixed or to make it compatible with some kind of new hard/software. Now, we seem to be lead to believe that a patch every bloody month is fine and acceptable and that at any point, a patch can totaly screw up things like mods and other downloads that many people, users and developers, have spent a great deal of time to put together. This is not accepable for a suposedly finished game, this is what happenes when something is in development and being Beta tested.

As for comparing it to Skylines, don’t be foolish. I see no evidence of that at all. ALL that was mentioned was that it was coming out soon and a few of us are excited about it. It’s a game made by a professional developer that has undergone a great deal of testing, unlike this amateur bunch, they have even said that they learnt alot from the CIM2 release and this is why Skylines has taken longer than they had hoped. To compare the two is insulting Paradox Games.

.   Yes, there unfortunately is alot of anger here, why? Because people CARE about the game and that’s not a bad thing. If I didn’t enjoy TF and care about it’s development, i’ve had said “meh” a long time ago and gone on to something else.