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I can only agree with you Simonmd. And i’ll voice my concerns here too regarding the developments on this latest patch.

Freeing up more things on the game for modding, spells to me a plan to stop official support for it. Just like it happened in Simcity, Offline came and mod support was accepted, and the plug was pulled then. And if you think how small team it is behind this title, they don’t have the resources to keep this going as they need to make money and have another title releasing in the future. Be it TF2 or something else, whilst that is on development, resources can not be allocated to fix the old title as there isn’t much more they can do without re writing the whole thing.

I hope i’m wrong but i’m expecting to see 1 or 2 more patches, if even those and that’s it then. From there on, modding community will keep the title alive and fix the issues they can.