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Indeed not, WHEN THE GAME IS FINISHED. (or at least in a state that doesn’t require a patch EVERY month)

Paid for DLC is a fact of life these days, it’s been around for years of course, MSTS and MS Flight Simulator had DLC or at least separate ‘Payware’ over 15 years ago, along with many non sim type games having addons. Now we’re in the ‘Steam age’ and physical software is disappearing fast, replaced with all downloaded content and it’s simply very easy for developers to make extra cash with various addons. Look at all the stuff EA have published for the Sims for example and of course, Train Simulator itself,¬†their library is huge!

However, what we are balking at is the prospect of the developers taking their focus away from the core game and it’s issues and spending their time developing DLC to make extra money. If they release new DLC with the same care that they did this one (rolling stock wrongly edited so they don’t show up, incorrect age expiry messages, incorrect placement of Euro buildings in the USA, etc.) then there will be a lot more people complaining on more public sites like Steam’s own forums, YouTube, etc. It wont take long for the game to be regarded as a broken waste of money and it will die.