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@plyst1, it’s actually not that hard. You could download my mod and use that to make your own skin. You have to edit all the scripts (.mtl and .mdl files), and rename every entry that directs the script to a file. In this case, you could open all these scripts and do a replace all on the word “connexxion” to “whatever”. Then, you rename all the files in the packages that contain the word “connexxion” to “whatever” (not the whole filename, just the “connexxion” word ofcourse ;-)).

Now, all you have to do to reskin the vehicle is to open the .tga files that are in the textures folder with photoshop, edit them to your liking, and save them.

Finally, edit the tfmm.ini in the root to add your name and description to it, install it with the Mod Manager, and you are done! 🙂