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You are both right. People will not use a line that has over 20 min ‘frequency’. But people will also not use it if the frequency is 15 minutes, but the rest of his yourney (from A to B (house to work)) is more than the remaining 5 minutes.

interesting. did you test it or did you read it?

anyways thanks for the info. i guess, if that is true, some programmer at urban games does love the number 20.

and humbly i want to add, that if there is a limit on the total travel time of 20 minutes, then the time that can be spent on the rest of the journey can be something far different than the result of

20 minutes – <what is displayed at “Frequency”>

because … the travel time on the line depends on more variables than the frequency. like if traveling the whole line or just a part of it. and how many vehicles there are on the line. the value labeled “Frequency” just matches the travel time in one special case:

if there are 2 vehicles are assigned to a line and the cargo or passenger travels exactly half of the total circle of the line. which would be the case if a line connects just 2 stations.


an example:

line L connects 2 stations A and B, has 1 vehicle assigned to it and the frequency is 1/12min (which would be displayed falsely as “Frequency”: 12min). then the one vehicle needs 12 minutes for the round trip. and there is an average interval (interval is the right label for the value of 12min) of 12 minutes between the same station getting hit by any vehicle (writing “any” vehicle though there is just 1 vehicle on the line – yet – for reasons of genrealization).

if a 2nd vehicle is added to the line, the average interval between the same station getting hit by a vehicle is halfed and lowers to 6min. frequency then is 1/6min. but the time a vehicle needs to make the round trip obviously remains 12min. now if a passenger in this setup travels from A to B, she travels half the length of the round trip and it takes her 6 minutes to do so. which in this setup conincidentally is also the length of the average interval. she travels 6 minutes on a line that has an interval far below 20 minutes and has 14 minutes left for the other parts of her trip until she hits the limit of 20 minutes total travel time (which i was told about), and looses interest in traveling to that location alltogether.

if a 3rd vehicle is added to the line the original interval is divided by 3 and the average interval between the same station getting hit by a vehicel is 4min. frequency is then at 1/4min. but the time for our dear passenger to travel from A to B remains 6 minutes as the time a vehicle needs for a round trip also remains 12 minutes.

with a 4th vehicle on the line the numbers are:average interval: 3 min
frequency: 1/3min
time for roundtrip: 12min
time to travel A-B: 6min


so it is not legitimate to say that the limit on total travel time of 20min minus what is displayed at “Frequency” (which is the interval) is what the cargo or passenger has for the other parts if its journey.

thanks to this exhausting and in depth post i wrote, i also found the correct term for the value that is labeled “Frequency” by the game and causes so much confusion: the AVERAGE INTERVAL

lets address it like so in all future discussions.



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