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I have some questions about this topic….

I have railroad connecting points  F1 (forest) –> F2 (forest) –> S (sawmill) –> C (city)

On those tracks I have two lines:

– wood from F1 to S and then goods from S to C and back to starting point

– Same line … just start point is from F2

My questions related to frequency:

1. If i have “wait for full load” .. what time is taken into calculation ? .. for each individual wood unit or entire train cargo ?  Line is used if the total time doesn’t take more than 20min.. so for the first unit of wood is calculated waiting time until train is full ?

2. Is better to have two lines like I do.. or is better to transport wood from F1 to F2 and from there to S ?

3. I use same trains for transporting goods to city … is ok like that or is better to use another train just for goods because frequency is bigger because of city stop station?