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sorry for that.

All i wanted to say is.

Traveltime is not the same as the frequency in the line menu.

Passengers and cargo have a travel raduis of 20min (point A to B). By adding transportation with faster traveloptions, you increase this radius. That’s was most of the people say. I haven’t tested it myself.

I think it was estimated by building a line with a distance with a longer traveltime with one vehicle. So the menu says “frequency 22 minutes”. No passengers/cargo was lining up for this line.

I will do some testing on this, if you can extend the travel time of passengers/cargo by lowering the frequency on a line with a travel time >20min.

I can not say, how people did get to the conclusion, walking time and waiting time is also been taken into acount. I’ve never done so much research in the forums.