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Hi guys and sorry for my english (I need Google Translate).

I play from 1 January and my first game is obviously on the small map of easy level and on land without mountains.

I arrived at 1988 with a positive budget (approximately 230 M).

My industrial chain is quite developed with links by truck: most of these lines make money.

My problem is the rail freight connections: a first line short enough never took off economically, probably because he suffered competition from trucks.

Now I have tried with a second line connecting a steel mill with a good production (140/200) with a city that is on the same side of the river, but on the opposite side of the map.

The line is served by two freight train consisting of a diesel locomotive and four freight cars each. There are no road lines (and even roads) linking the steel with this city: the store that is near the freight yard, in fact, connects the factory to another city.

Yet, as you can see in the picture, the budget is in significant deficit.

How can I resolve the situation? Can I extend the line to another city far away? Or is it better to reduce the number of freight cars?

I am very frustrated by this situation because the rest of the railway lines (passengers) are in positive budget.

A second question: do you think it would be useful to install the Mod of Cargo Gwuinda?

Thanks in advance for your valuable condigli.


Paolo (Compay59)