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That’s not true at all. Douglas. I routinely have cargo trains stop at more than one drop-off point. My biggest one was a goods train that picked up and went to three different cities. It did not unload 100% at each city.

This is very good to hear. I will try.

Well your routes doesn’t look short. Its probably a problem with the delivery like killakanz said. By your picture the trucks and the trains are carrying goods. So the trains are not running very full, so no profit. The industry needs to produce more to feed a full load train. And if you are not playing on easy, 4 wagons won’t be profitable.

I think you can be profitable with cargo trains. Especially after what crossmr said. You can deliver goods to several cities in one load only.

My problem with the cargo trains is the complexity of the network. Simple industry chains lead to simple networks.