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Ok, ok, crossmr does make some valid points. I’m brand new to TF and nearly dumped it after the first couple of games because I didn’t ‘get it’. I’m a veteran of Simcity4, SimCity 2013 and Cities in Motion 2 so was a bit bemused by what was going on as I expected it to perform like those. If you take a step back and give it a chance though, it will, as I have found, prove to be a challenging and engaging ‘simulation’ that is different from the rest and has the potential to grow with the modding community to something very special and entertaining. You have to remember this is a BRAND NEW game/sim that has been produced by a small indi team. Remember MS Train Simulator way back in the early 2000s? There¬†were individuals and commercial developers improving and releasing content that radically improved it YEARS after its initial release. I’m sure this will have a similar level of growth and mature very nicely.

Anyway, back on topic! I have found that some lines are best left alone regarding upgrades. I currently have a 1901 loco still earning its keep on a 2008 line hauling oil and goods. So long as it’s figures are in the green, I see no reason to mess with it as I’m worried that retiring it to the depot for replacement will result in demand dropping off once there is no train on the line, something I’ve seen ruin a profitable line before.

Sure, it would be realistic to have a train eventually break down through old age, but right now, my 107 year old puffer keeps going!