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’m worried that retiring it to the depot for replacement will result in demand dropping off once there is no train on the line, something I’ve seen ruin a profitable line before.

Yep, that is one of the most painfull issues now. Lets highlight it more.

keep the vehicle member of the line all the time. The system corrects freq after a while but it is smooth enough system to cover traffic lights jam or depo visit. Vehicle is line-less only brand new, otherwise it has a line. It would be nice to not delete the load too, it hurts a lot. If wagons are added/changed and name of the train (the object) remains the same keep the load. Remove the load only in case the train is deleted completely. Potentialy some money penalty for late arrival could applied.  This would really enhance the game play and prevent loosing frustrated players from “I am loosing money, dont know why.”


What is your thoughts?