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It could be a good game, but it is not a good game.

Well that’s subjective – I think it’s a great game purely by the fact that I play it pretty much every day and enjoy it; as I’m sure 1000s of others do and don’t feel the need to keep complaining about it – look at the German forum. Maybe this isn’t the game for you, no one is forcing you to play it and there are a million other titles out there, or maybe you could write your own perfect one and make a fortune.

The patches have been very regular especially for a team of two or three – I won’t go into how long software takes to write and test.

I will say one thing on collisions – I have never seen an inexplicable one. When you look at what it’s trying to adjust you can always find what’s preventing it and it always makes sense. Like a river embankment or trying to adjust the height of adjacent roads with houses on after snapping or bridge too low for track below or crossing too close to the street snap etc.