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This is a great initiative. The game is great fun but the balance is horrible. These things come to mind for me:

– The low speed limits for passenger wagons in early 20th century. For example Class A4 with its top speed 145 km/h is useless (at least for passenger traffic) at the moment because the passenger cars only go up to 120 km/h until 1960 by which it is already obsolete.

– I’d consider increasing the capacity of Red Arrow and Railbus slightly. Capacity of 15 is a bit low for a 320k year train when you can have a bus carry the same for 36k a year.

– How about changing the top speed of ordinary rail to 160 or 180 km/h and increasing the cost of high-speed rail significantly. Currently there is little reason to not use the high speed rail when it’s available because the price difference is very small and the top speed of ordinary rail is only 120 km/h.

I guess these balance issues are because the game is just recently released. It takes a lot of testing by a large community of players the get the balance right eventually.