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    I read that too, it was in a Tweet I think, and it was in German, I used the translate function to read it.  It didn’t say all that much and there is in general a lack of information.


    I have found some stuff in German

    Links please.

    It has been now 6 days since my original post and we still don’t have anything official from the devs on the site that I can see.

    Perhaps somebody’s locked them in a room and is forcing them to continuously play OpenTTD 🙂



    Perhaps somebody’s locked them in a room and is forcing them to continuously play OpenTTD :)

    Play OTTD until you learn how to make a vehicle management/upgrade GUI! (Not that I am complaining, ahh who am I kidding, I am complaining.  They can skip on hiring a guy for communication and hire a GUI specialist.  Then they can post that they hired a GUI specialist and in so doing, communicate.)

    This link, which I got from someone else in this very thread: https://www.facebook.com/TrainFeverGame/posts/1607587879494932

    I said it was in a tweet, but it was Facebook.  Pay attention to the replies.  Like I said not a whole lot there, that is why I didn’t report more.

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    I’d rather have that they hire a communications guy and more developers. :p

    By the way, there seems to be some activity again:


    Here’s the most recent statement from basil, that is more clarifying.



    Well it is good to see life but I don’t think that post will cut it.

    They need an official announcement on the main page.  Like I said before, just a 3 line blurb.  Otherwise people are still going to unsure.  And really the lack of a communication officer isn’t that good an excuse.  Just 5 minutes and 3 lines on the main page.  Really.


    And we have an update!

    Yay! <Does a little dance>



    The option to see old savegames when saving and asking permission to overwrite is most welcome!



    It’s alive \o/

    And they’re planing to keep it going to the point where they add ‘X’-crossings. * spinning ‘\o/’ *

    This is most excellent news!


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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