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    if not steam workshop will work
    do we have a website or something(please in Full english)

    to upload and download mods
    instead of we have to look all over the internet where even Google will not help
    (like as Mugen 2d fighting game engine and finding stuff for that)


    since i seen there is  made some mods
    but i also see this site here:
    and its only on germey so yeah we needing Full english since not all is from germey(first time i say that normaly i say: release in europa cuz not all is in US/japan)

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    I agree we need an English speaking community. If I weren’t a student this year, I’d gladly order a domain and set up a forum ASAP.


    I have a license for a great forum software, and I could contribute with that. So if there’s any takers on ordering a domain and web hotel, let me know.


    I’ve got a server running, I could probably host something 🙂


    a Forum+a place to upload & Download mods will be nice

    even if the makers of the modders self have to host they own files with dropbox or something
    but a place with Download links to mods

    cuz i dont wanna see mods spread all around the internet and impossible to find a mod if needing one and it has been made
    and a forum for a Mod Website for this game so we can post threads about the mods
    and see updates and so on will be nice


    Mikael at the beta forums:

    “We’re doing this prior the release. ”

    They will be adding sub-fora soon 😉 Like Support, Modding etc


    I sure hope the forum software is revamped quite a bit at the same time.


    Yes we definitely need an English speaking forum for TF and the ability to upload and download community add on’s or freeware mods, independently from this website and Steam

    A forum that can be categorised into separate topics, not like this forum with just one General topic page.

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    Now this is just me thinking loud – But why not apply for a mod section on some of the existing websites? Last I checked getting mods for a game on the Nexus was pretty straightforward.

    Edit: The Steam forum is going to be receiving some subforums on release, like modding. That should make do for now. 🙂


    I can easily get a domain and webhosting setup, with the webhosting being free, the question is would it be that beneficial to the community if these forums and maybe steam might host mods?  Would there be many mods released?  Although being able to review them would make a good feature


    in just afew hours the game will be released worldwide
    and this post is mainly for the dev.

    since i think its kinda alittle stupid the only place (right now) where mods is uploaded and forums about it
    is mainly on germey(i know its a fan site but still kinda alittle stupid its on germey so i hope they change it to english and try to get ppl there to post in english)
    i mean just cuz the game is mainly with trains from germey does it not mean the only onces who play the game speak germey
    like Lego is made by denmark
    that does not mean the only onces who play with it is speaking danish

    this site is in english,the game is also english alot from not germey speaking countrys will be playing this game(its even on top selling on steam)

    i mean basely most of the beta lets play is from US

    so yeah a offical english place to upload/download the mods and forums about them
    if not offical i hope that fan site will change its main language to english

    i even see afew posts in english so there is alitte english there but not much

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    mariodk, then set up your own fan site with other persons, who expressed interest in opening such a site.
    I guess with the german speaking fan site you relate to train-fever.net don’t you?
    I think those guys aren’t affiliated with UG, except from playing their game.
    They started out someday, when they found no germanspeaking community site and so they made their own.

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