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    I’m currently creating a total conversion ( = modding the whole game as far as you can) for TF. It’s about LEGO.

    This is planned:

    • All official LEGO train main models from 1980 to 2014
    • Eventually good looking alternate models and MOCs (My Own Creation = custom models)
    • Quite a lot of trucks, cars, trams and buses made of LEGO
    • Modified street textures matching the look of LEGO baseplates
    • Terrain textures that are supposed to look like a big baseplate
    • Changed track textures
    • Replaced signals and power poles
    • Matching tunnels and bridges
    • A whole new industry chain with new goods
    • Eventually people who look like minifigs
    • Stations, some of them with theming like a container crane
    • Custom depots
    • Low-poly city buildings with a LEGO style
    • New trees
    • LEGO-made decoration assets for streets

    It’s not meant to be played with basegame content, so you should delete all standard content that got replaced. An installer who gives you this option is probably the best way to ship this mod.

    While the vehicles are quite high-poly when being close to the camera, they all have a low-poly LOD (level of detail) from 150 meters on.

    I’ll probably create one set per day.

    Here are some first pictures:

    Disclaimer: LEGO(R) is a trademark of the LEGO Company which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this project.

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    Fun project! Will be interesting to follow



    Nice my kid wil love it 🙂


    That is just awesome!!! Made me download LEGO Digital Designer and do some procrastination! xD


    one word: AWESOME


    Very, very cool!


    I think I would go one stage further and say…

    Everything is awsome… everything is cool…  ahem… I best stop singing now

    This looks like a great project and a great way to build the ultimate lego train none of us can afford! :oD

    (yes, I might be looking forward to this a tiny bit)

    What are you using to model it in?  I’ve not done 3D modeling for may years but assume Lego (at least the more basic shapes) would be a pretty simple place to start?



    Wow, looks awesome. This’ll be the first mod that i’ll be downloading when its availible.


    Everything is awsome 🙂


    Everything is awesome :)

    I see what you did there 🙂  but yeah, this looks pretty cool.


    I’m glad you all like it! New vehicles from other categories:


    Since TF has only been released for a month now, I’m curious to know how the heck you did all that work so soon? That is a LOT of work for one person in a month plus all the other stuff you’ve done. How long have you worked on this? It looks pretty damn cool by the way. I would surely download it and check it out.

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    This looks LEGOtastic. Now not only my dream of a great train game can come true, but also that of a great lego design game.

    Can’t wait.


    @Tattoo: I’m quite experienced with modding and I only bought the game when I heard there will be modding. The first thing I did when the game was downloaded was look at the files.

    Here are some renders of more models waiting to be converted:

    Since converting is very tedious with my workflow, I wait for a certain version of BR146’s converter which will hopefully be released soon. Also I created this modular train depot but since the latest patch, the intended placement won’t work anymore and I get a message that the terrain collides even though it doesn’t collide.

    Maicom MR

    Hahaha very cool ! nice work !

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