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    Hi guys I love train fever and the locos for the game I like to see is the Bulleid light Pacifics,  Great Western Railway Castle Class 4-6-0, the Gresley A3 Pacifics, BR Standard Class 7 Britannias, LMS Black 5 and the Standard Class  9f with Evening Star   and for diesel trains the Inter-City 125 and the Class 47 for the electric locos or Units there is the Class 86, the Inter-City 225 and the Eurostar.

    rolling stock would be nice as well like the British Pullmans, Mark 1 coaches and Mark 2 coaches

    those Locos and Stock would suit Train Fever nicely I like the other Trains because when it comes to run a Transport system with trains,trams,lorries and buses it really can be more exciting

    Traian Trante

    Go to website. It might not have all the locos you requested, but it has a huge database of downloadable mods for this game.


    I assume you mean the class 43 for the Intercity 125 and class 91 for the 225. It would indeed be cool to have these but I don’t think you’ll ever see an official Eurostar, they are very strict with their brand, even Train Simulator can’t get a license to use them.


    Oh I see maybe it would also be nice to  have the last steam loco built for BR in 1960 Evening Star the Standard 9f and some Pullman Coaches


    I would like to see some earlier British trains; there is very little available before 1900.  Very few modders seem interested in early part of the game.  I don’t understand why people would wish to start a game which involves building railways in an era when most railways had already been well established.  Very few new railways were built in Europe after 1900!

    There is a vast choice of trains to choose from as there was many separate railway companies in the UK before 1923; all of which had their own bespoke designed locomotives and carriages.   Unfortunately for GWR fans there use of the 7ft broad gauge makes most of their early trains unsuitable.

    PS: We need carriages as well as locomotives.

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    I suppose a UK DLC would be right out of the question?


    there is also Flying Scotsman the worlds famous steam locomotive aka the Gresley A1 to start with then to the A3 she is also returning to steam in 2016 with the first run on the Settle and Carlisle it would be nice if the developers would create this iconic locomotive with the other famous locos like Robert Stephenson’s Rocket and the A1 that was built from scratch 60163 Tornado for the year 2008

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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