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    Dear magician-developers,

    After a very enjoyable 120+ hours of “TrainF ever” gameplay on hard mode, these are my most urgent requests to be fixed:

    Simulation dynamics:

    • Introduction of waypoints for paths!
    • Rebalanced costs and income between train and road vehicles. I’d like to see trains outperform trucks, buses and trams when transporting larger volumes on larger distances.
    • The traffic bug fixed where one notices huge private traffic use (jams, grid locks…) when installing public transport, and when abandoning public transport services in that city, private transport is vanishing (clear streets).
    • An alternative of the 20-minute rule for bulk cargo (wood, oil, ore, coal,…) so they can be transported from farther away and with less urgent (fast) means. The difference between fast locomotives for people and slow but powerful locomotives becomes interesting.
    • A more divers economy, with more specialized industry chains. Not only the producing “goods”, but with specific city demands, that become more complex with a growing city. Now it does not matter which goods are produced (oil, wood, steel). It’s all the same.

    Game genesis:

    • Industries should be more logically placed (iron in mountains, wood near forests,…) during the genesis of the game. Now one gets a rather dull chaotic placement of industries without any pattern or logic.
    • More moutainous region then “hilly”. I would like to see the problem the one HAS TO get over a high mountain pass to connect 2 cities: no way around or through it.
    • Less evenly spread villages, some isolated, some more clustered. And also less even in size: some are really tiny (<50), but one or two are already rather large (>300).
    • Longer and smaller maps for longer distances, in addition of the current square-only maps.

    Construction issues:

    • Railway stations need to be upgradable without having to destroy and replace them. I accept one has to clear the zone that is going to be taken by the expansion, from buildings en roads. But trying to replace a deleted a station is a real pain, and often a game crashing experience.
    • Fix the construction issues with bridges and tunnels: they have to be much more expensive (10x or so), and bridges need less pillars (less problematic placement).
    • the “limited waiting people bug” of bus stations needs to be fixed, so they are a real upgrade to the simple bus stop.

    Missing content:

    • introduction of a 5the building type in cities: public building. Schools , churches, city halls, hospitals… They would be nice landmarks, and generate specific (transport) needs.
    • introduction of new cargo/people spawn and drop-off points (harbours, airports, …)
    • the double slip!
    • Extendable stations with extra services to make them more attractif for potential travelers (eg with car parking, waiting room with snacks/restaurant/…, repair services, bycicle stands,….)

    I have tons more of wishes, but for the moment I would like the core of the game fleshed out, and the gameplay more diverse and less irritating at moments. The detailing and eye candy may be left left for later.

    Traian Trante

    +1 from me, especially the diversification of goods demanded by cities.

    As a side note, I already modded my trains to cost 30% less to maintain. This is done fairly easily, I suggest you try it.


    I forgot on important issue: THE TRACK PLANNER: to be able to build tracks in a planning mode, and commit the construction when ready and sastified. A  nic extra gadget-option would be that the construction of that piece of track would take some time, with bulldozers, work people, cranes and work trains building it piece by piece.


    I’ve got some additions to your list:

    -A pop-up or warning when one of your vehicles hasn’t moved for more than x months/years, because they’re stuck in traffic/get blocked by other trains/are waiting for a bus blocking a stop because you accidentally selected ‘Full Load’ for that stop.

    -Underground/elevated train(/tram/metro) stations.

    -Dedicated (working) bus-/tram-lanes to bypass traffic jams.

    -A fix to the popup windows so they’re not appearing allover the screen and/or partially behind menu bars.

    -A minimap

    -Train priority selection.

    -Animated signals

    -Suspension bridges

    -Viaducts (for those elevated railways) and those cut-out below street level sections with straight brick walls (don’t know the proper English term for it, but they’re the opposite of viaducts, like a canal).


    • Well a steel mill and a refinery are in fact industries. So why oh why are they placed in the middle of nowhere instead of a industrial area inside a town?
    • Add drag road over rail for building a railway crossing. its kinda pathetic it is possible to drag rail over road but not road over rail. Its the same algorithm.. and it makes me wonder why the game had to be released in this state.

    I pretty much agree with all of the above… especially the bus lanes – trying to achieve the Truck Fever achievement is a chore when, as soon as the cars turn up, pretty much, they’re sitting in the bus lanes when there’s free lanes beside them… it’s almost as if the bus lanes don’t work half the time.

    Achievement: Museum Line doesn’t work either.

    I’d also love to see the planner with a little more intelligence – if you put one-way signals on a line, but the line is broken, instead of having the arrows disappear, how about working out the most likely path we intend and have the arrows stop at the broken piece of track – going along a lane of track is a real pain in the neck… only to find that there’s a sliver of track missing where we thought we’d joined them.

    Extend the passenger 20 minutes rule – in real life, we have buses that take half an hour or more and are half an hour apart, so why the short delay in-game? Also, more bus stops – preferably, like the railway stations mentioned above, where we can upgrade as we go – perhaps one that, instead of the “bus terminal” type we have now, having a “drive through” type that we have in the UK in places, and so improve capacity. By the same reasoning, for the love of… give us a reason to use “full load” for industries!!

    It’s a good game, but there’s just so much more that could have been done, I think.

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