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    Going West Mission 1.

    I have the savegames if anybody cares.

    I built a line between laramie and rawlings, but it refused to let me proceed. Despite having a train running to and fro and bus line complete that would feed my passenger line.  It refused to let me continue until I built a throw away passenger line a few buildings  closer to the city center.  Again, I had a complete bus line setup this would have worked fine in freeplay.  Once I got past that I did a line through the five green circles all 5 turned grey. It still wouldn’t let me build to ogden.   I deleted all the track and ran it through the CENTER of all those stupid green waypoints, and it still wouldn’t recognize that that step was done.  At this point I had lost and ran out of money, I ran my single train all the way from cheyenne to evanston to prove it worked and there was no break in the line.

    As I said I have the savegames, this definitely seems bugged.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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