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    first this happened:

    trains head on at signal are stuck

    trains stopped at a signal head on. they would not reverse, nor could they find the way to the depot.

    one thing worked: assigning one train to another line. i thought maybe it reverses then. it did, but also this happened:

    trains passing through each other


    the trains passed right through each other. … i was not sure if i was happy about this or not.


    This here actually documents a multituded of bugs or design flaws:

    • trains can only be sent to a depot, if they can go there by going forward. if they would need to reverse to get there, they are lost.
    • trains can get stuck head on at a signal. and without a lucky workaround (which actually may only be possible due to yet ANOTHER bug)  they may be stuck there until the player quits and loads the last savegame.
    • when a train is assigned to a line, while it is out on the tracks, all kind of weired shit may happen. i am pretty sure of that. the passing through bug seems to be a result of the train assignment and not of the getting stuck head on bug.



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