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    I have seen a few bugs most of which are mentioned and 99% of em are not game breaking. Three i will mention one has been said many times yet i cant fix it for me. MY SAVE FILES WILL NOT WORK! (caps are excessive i understand) Besides that and more to the point. I have noticed as my Passenger trains roll along that despite being filled to capacity 42/42 that when they reach the next station i suddenly had 40/42. What did they do die? jump off? fall into a spacial vortex? Whats that about? The other thing i noticed and Idk if its just the large truck stop but if more than one cargo item hits a platform on a truck stop it will disappear entirely. Example will be provided.

    Ex1: You have a forest between a town and a sawmill. As you send wood to the sawmill it invariably comes back on the same trucks (why make two lines in this case) Now due to a SECOND town being within the 20 minute walking distance the Goods split into seperate platforms. normally again this wouldnt be an issue HOWEVER, that second town just happens to have another sawmill which is being fed by the same forest. Now heres where it gets confusing (and i would make a video but ill be honest idk how) As the goods come back from sawmill #2 to head to Town #1 it hits the same platform as the other Logs going outbound to Sawmill#1. Now we will assume that the good hit first so you have 4 goods. Now the forest produces logs. they split off one for Sawmill#2 and one for sawmill#1. You would expect it to just sit right next to the good and be picked up by the next truck but thats not the case. When they hit the same platform that those 4 goods are sitting thy (the logs) just vanish. IS this a bug? If so is it happening often or should i reintsall????  Any insight would be marvelous.

    P.S. If anyone could give me a clue as to make a video id be very happy.

    Also apologies if that is confusing

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