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    silent bob

    I have 2 cargo stations 1 near a coal mine and another by an iron ore mine with routes to a nearby steel mill.  Both of the mines are producing but nothing is ever given the station to be delivered to the steel mill. Instead all the resources are walked to the same steel mill. The route the trains take is much quicker than the walking route. I’ve already checked that the trains are set with the correct carriages and route to the right place. Is there anything special I need to do to get this route working?


    I also sometimes have this “problem”… At first, it takes a while until the factory starts using the line. Click on the factory and see if there is “line used” still to “no”.

    Usually, they start using the line when you have set up a route and added a vehicle…However, sometimes they still send them the direct way, or parts of it… Also, I noticed that sometimes after a while a factory stops using a route… I then realized (at least that way it looked to me) that I haven’t given enough transport capacity to a line.. (i.e. the factory has a monthly output of 30, but your track will only manage to deliver 10, then it might decide to not use the track at all)…at least, it looks to me this way. I added a few more trucks, then it was using the line again, or maybe it’s just because I updated the line and it got “initialized” again in the background.

    Also, it can be sometimes a bitch, I think it’s the way the game calculate “distance”.. shortest distance usually wins..

    Uncheck your vehicle from the line, then add it again… That often fixes it. The factory might decide otherwise later though …

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    We had a Reddit topic about this earlier today/last night, that was sorta explaining things. Basically, things need to be close and of course within a 20min distance, or they just gonna avoid your line.

    Didn’t have a great example in my current game, so here I made a quick [proof of concept]( for you. The wood is delivered from the Forestry on the left to the sawmill on the right through the chain of Trucks -> Train -> Trucks.


    Note that the goods produced in the sawmill also automatically make use of the train line to make a small shortcut on their route to a town in the south.

    Is how one mate explained it to me effectively.


    I think i have this issue too. I had a train picking up lumber from a forest and delivering it to a sawmill, but no goods would show up on my platform even though my train had goods wagons and a 3rd stop in town to deliver goods. The sawmill says Uses Line : no even though it is right next to my station and the entire 3 station loop takes less than 10mins.



    I have the same issue :(.


    me too.

    yesterday. added more trains to increase frequency. nothing happened. Added roads all around the forest and the saw mill try to get the saw mill and forest “hooked in” again. nothing. Added roads between forest -> saw mill -> town ….. nothing.

    I think I have figured out something though. There has to be a need for the goods you produce. Say you set up line “A” with horse drawn transport. You add vehicles until the production stops increasing. Then you build some roads to connect more resources and set up line “B”. But …..

    If the goods from line B go to the same city as line A you should see production in line A industry go down. So it seems that the city is choking on goods. Demand driven. City “ok to recieve goods”, saw mill “ok to send goods therefore ok to recieve wood”, forest “ok then I produce and send wood”.

    So I started a new map. and started a train line immediately Forest -> Saw Mill -> Town. And to be sure I did not “kill the spawn point” for goods I only upgraded the road and deleted the rest. added train station and connected to the road.

    No production started. And I did this test so that the goods that were to be produced did not have to compete with another source.

    So I added a road again between forest, saw mill, town, and now goods started to be produced. So I added horse drawn transport and the goods started to use that “Line use YES”. Then I added more trains to improve frequency. And then I deleted the horse route and ended up with “Line use NO”.

    Seemed the train route was invisible to the game.

    I keep running into so many problems with this game I will never be able to complete a map…. 🙁



    I had similar problem, train was collecting and delivering goods, making a profit then suddenly kept going into the red hardly collecting anything. Using the cargo layer I could see that most was going by road (AI). I deleted sections of road leading to the mines and rail cargo steadily increased back into profit.



    I have this same problem but even worse. so i have a station 10 feet from the oil well, i also have a road line transporting refined oil into the town, for some reason the oil well is ignoring the train station and is sending oil through the entire town to go to the trucks way farther away.

    EDIT: I fixed this issue by taking the train to the depot, and deleting and recreating the train line.

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