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    I found the largest city had a population of 250 in 1850, and 320 in 1930.

    Tried to build roads to speed up the city development but still.

    Also few people take trains


    I had the same problem and some people said, they got a city with a population of 800-900 at around 1980.

    You realy need to support the city, with good transportation and good fright transport. Currently i’m working on a map with focus on two cities supported by all things. but it can take a while for me to get some usefull results.


    I’m inclined to agree with the growth aspect – It could go faster.

    As for your other two points… Building roads does not stimulate growth in any way, just lead it along a certain path. Passengers are very willing to take the train if you’ve got a bus or tram at both ends helping them onward. Again nothing is willing to travel for longer than twenty minutes. The more of the time they spend in a high speed vehicle, he further they are willing to go.


    yea i do agree i’m at year 2110, but still my biggest cities are “Only” at ~1200 pop


    If the growth of the cities were higher there would be more cargo equaling better industry train network and just much nicer speed in growth plus would be more fun 😀


    I disagree with this statement.

    I started game with biggest city aprox 250 ppl, after 40 years in game this city has ~700ppl. Quick grow due to 3 train lines and one cargo. Also 2 bus lines and 2 tram lines.

    It’s easy to make cities grow as You manage them properly.

    Any other City I connect to the network grows very fast 🙂


    700 people isn’t a big city by any stretch in my opinion.


    Gotta agree as well, does take a little to long. My first save was 300~ people, and I didn’t even get the city achievement, as I was around like 600~. This was from 1850 – 1995, and was my main hub town.


    bloodgiver is right, my biggest city reached 750 pop in the 1920, started out 1850 with 250-300 people.
    Now, in the 1950’s, it has 900 people.
    So it isn’t to slow, you just need to manage cities correctly, get atleast one goods-delivery line to your city to support it as good as you can and it will grow fast over time.


    I don’t think the city sizes are realistic by any stretch but if the game does truly treat every citizen as an agent with destinations then I think the populations are plenty large enough. Any larger (and on larger maps with more cities) and you’ll probably be slowed down trying to process all that information.


    Altering the population numbers to make them an arbitrarily larger number and actually adding that many more agents in the towns are two different things. I don’t think the game could handle the latter. Just my 2 cents.

    Edit: My main town that is connected to three other towns on a small map went from a population of 200-300 to 600 by the year 1900. According to the charts tab on the city info box the most well connected city I had grew really fast, exponential, while the cities with only one connection grew slowly and linearly.

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    It’s big when You compare the size of a city after 40 and 140 years – as other said that they achieve this size in like 1970-2000…

    I’m not saying it’s big, but in my opinion it is possible to create big city faster.


    Sigh, guess i am doing something really wrong haha….

    I’m at 1989 on a small easy flat map and the biggest town i have is 424! :'(

    And that town is the one i spend the least attention to according to lines and goods and doesn’t even meet the max goods needed.

    All other towns meet their maximum cargo item supply but lack the will to increase it seems.


    I am on 2225 year and i have 4500+ people in 1 town and it still growning 100 people/month. BTW i have 3 Billions dollars (2 890 000 000).


    I have started a map with a city with 400 pp in 1900. I am in 1955 and its have 1000 pp and over 1500 work. And it still growing. It have 2 central hubs with 5 tracks each. It connect all the small city and the big cities


    They will stop growing then reach 1300-1500 pp. U must do magic like me to grow it more! No cheats, just magic!

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