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    hello, any news when we may get some comfort functions to switch old trains/busses/trams?


    it is really annyoing to switch trains and other stuff on large maps


    The steam release notes say:

    You may wonder what we do next. Still there is a large to-do list. One top priority issue is way points or at least line track selection at stations. Also, track construction should be more convenient. In addition there is a list of details like e.g. make cars waiting at railroad crossings. There will also be more performance optimization (especially for very large scenes) and finally, we also want to implement the widely requested vehicle auto replacement feature.


    -way points or at least station platform selection.

    -Track Construction ease.

    -Performance Optimization (still doesn’t play fluently for a lot of setups according to steam users)

    -Vehicle Auto Replacement Feature

    -Some small details like cars stopping at railway crossings.


    ah ok, it is planned, good to know, thanks


    Any time. 🙂
    Hehe, you were nice about asking so it’s no problem.

    As a fellow player I find it very bothersome how demanding and inconsiderate some people mention the things they’d like to see improved.

    I usually just pause, send-to-depot-and-sell for all the vehicles I’d like to replace, regardless of spacing, and before unpausing, I’d buy the new vehicles and activate them instantly.

    What I’d like to see is some kind of “skip stop”, so I can add vehicles to a line from several depots, and not just the one near the “first stop on the line”. Unless it’s there and I missed it. I know I can make it turn around.

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    @NLTops you can add vehicles to lines from any depot. even one from the other end of the map. as long as there is a route to the line the vehicle needs to be add to.

    i think/believe a vehicle goes to the nearest stop on that line to join that line

    The RedKing

    True, vehicles go to the nearest stop first. They also go to the nearest depot when given the command.

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    I know you can add them from any reachable depot. I didn’t know about the nearest stop thing though. It could be my TTD/OpenTTD experience, when you clone a vehicle (first step of replacing) it will go to the first stop on the route list; trying to remain relevant information.

    Easy enough to test though.
    With road/tram/train types, I’ll create a line with two stops,
    the first stop on the list is further away from the depot than the second stop.
    I add a vehicle and see which it goes to.

    Thanks for making me doubt this presumed fact.

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