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    I think it would be great if the game had a construction development and planning mode.  In the real world, companies plan construction first, they don’t just start building because mistakes as costly.  It is not fun to start building just to find out the plan won’t work.  Costly mistake.

    In this mode, construction planning occurs just like actually building the stations and lines so that proper elevations, placement, etc. can be made without costly build and raze when things don’t work out.  Once planning is done, it superimposes a construction plan overlay onto the terrain.  Users can then build like normal after that without using up a ton of cash when they make a mistake.  Users can also plan big projects like long tunnels and get an estimate of the best cost so that they can plan for the future.

    The overlay could be deleted, modified, etc. just like in real construction.  Multiple planning projects would also be nice.  It might also be nice to have a separate overlay function for this, similar to the contour line overlay.

    To be more realistic, the planning mode could cost 1/50th the cost of actual construction, or some figure.  It costs a lot less in real life to plan something out first.




    A planning phase for laying down track is also high on my wish list.

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    yes, very good idea…


    yeah something like this is definitly needed. I often loose so much money on tunels and bridges if i have to adjust them.


    Mentioned it before the release and a few days ago… this is really necessary!
    It would save so much frustration, actually being able to build what you have in mind. Laying tracks contains too many pitfalls to NOT have a planning feature.
    (If you are willing to accept butt-ugly or unrealistic tracks, then of course it is less of an issue)

    Fully agree with OP.Just want to add that an undo button is also necessary. Simply having a free bulldoze is not sufficient though (but would be easily implemented, I know), especially concerning the terrain alterations which it would not undo by simply making bulldozing free.
    Loading a savegame would still be preferable over reverting the terrain manually.


    Well, sounds like a plan but … most of the problems happens because of the collision-monster. Solving some  the root cause is imho better then  extra tools.

    Two important things are missing; collisions is happening too much in strange situations: e.g. When I lay a line with a bridge, when I double this line, all of a sudden the second line collides for no opvious reasons. Same with tunnels, etc. This happens al lot. The only thing is then break all down and start all over again.

    Secondly: I miss good feedback. The game is not telling what the cause is it collides with (a lot with roads etc). Things which will improve all of this, imho:

    1) Good feedback (show in red colliding problems), may beeven automatic repairs (e.g terain-repairs like you see in other games against extra costs)

    2) Double track laying at once (or even 3, 4, whatver is needed)

    3) More options, like double switches, double junctions)

    4)) Possibilty of laying roads over rails and not forced to do it the other way around

    5) And then at last … planning mode (like there is now) but then for multiple laying without a commit) would of course also help.


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