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    There are 2 cosmetic issues that I would like tweaked a little bit.

    (1) Signals never actually change.  The lighted ones always have the same lamp lit whether the train should stop or pass through.

    (2) Cars and pedestrians just walk onto a level crossing and actually walk through the train.  They stop for each other, buses and trams, so why would they not stop for a huge bloomin’ train!

    I know these are petty issues compared to things that some of you are finding, nevertheless they could be improved a little to make the game look better.


    I agree!



    And what about a driver for the early, open, road transport vehicles ?…. The models sure do look nice enough to deserve that. ( passengers too but maybe that’s a little too much to ask…. )

    Also me thinks that smoke from houses, buildings, industrie is waaay too exaggerated ( looks like the whole city is on fire… ) I wouldn’t mind if there’s no smoke at all ( apart from the steam locs ), maybe only some from the industrie. Will help a lot with the framerate too i guess.


    There are tons of cosmetic issues that might need some attention, but as you said, it’s not a priority. I would like to see them fixed also, but I would first like to see the bugs and core mechanics fixed.But nevertheless, summing those small esthetic glitches is fine, so they can be collected to fix them in one go later on. 😉


    + 1 to the issue with town building smoke. Even before 1990, the opacity/alpha of those smokes should be reduced to half at least so the buildings don’t look like on fire. Since then the smokes from tall residential/commercial buildings should also be paler by half. The smoke only makes sense in sub-arctic map (even so in the modern day they use radiator to moderate indoor temperature); in a temperate map, the intensity of those smokes just look so wrong aesthetically.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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