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    …because the exe-file is removed by McAfee. That’s a first for me with a commercial game and a hassle to turn off realtime scanning and reinstate the exe-file. And it’s unsafe too.

    …because there is tremendous lag and stutter on a system with i7 CPU

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the way it looks and I don’t mind the lack of tutorials or a manual (yet). And I always sympathize with small and passionate developing companies. But it is simply disappointing to have to deal with secondary issues instead of enjoying the game. It feels like beta. When I pay for a game I expect to be able to hop in and play. I do hope that upgrades and optimizations will come in soon. Don’t add to the gameplay, don’t extend the options, just make what you have now work smoothly. And once that is achieved start the extensions.


    just  turn off  mcafee while you play the game



    If I were you I would be disappointed with McAfee for being so poor at spotting viruses that it picks up a game as one.  Whatever the reason for it giving a false-positive report its a little harsh coming onto a forum complaining about the game when its more likely to be McAfee just having a dodgy set of rules somewhere.  I’m running Norton with real-time protection on and am having no issues.  I have an i5 and other than when creating save-game files have no lag, sounds like you need some optimisation somewhere?


    It seems rather simple to blame McAfee: if they had a dodgy set of rules it would happen much more often, wouldn’t it?

    Yes, certainly I do need optimization. Do you have any suggestions?

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    I’m confused. Above rant was then just showing gratitude to Mcaffee their software is not very crappy just a little as it deletes only some of the legit executables? 😉


    McAfee is useless just like Norton. Get another one like MS Security Essentials which is much better and its free.



    Hate to burst your bubbly opinion of McAfee – but this is far from the first time it has reported false positives for applications. And more often than not with the typical “generic” pattern that is beyond useless.

    McAfee aren’t the only ones either – I cannot stress enough that you need to have an AV suite with a whitelisting feature. It’s going to happen again some day.


    I played this game (steam version) on McAfee on it, and all ran well, no viruses detected. Make sure that you are using a legit version.



    @vinkandoi: Well, that’s at least one helpful post. Rest assured my McAfee is legit. It’s very odd that you have no issues at all but I’m happy for you.

    @theothers: The original post wasn’t meant to be a rant, though it admittedly could be read as such. I’m sorry I seem to have made the impression that I asked for suggestions on good virus software.


    If it’s confirmed that McAffee targetted Train Fever falsly as infected, I think that the developers have to collaborate with McAffee to solve the issue. So, I propose to post your observation (complaint) to the developers. If it’s a general problem, they will take care of it, I’m sure. 😉


    My workplace is in the process of moving AWAY from McAfee because of how shit it is.

    We’ve had so many false positives over my time here it is ridicules. At one point McAfee even quarantined an important Windows system file after you updated to Service Pack 3.

    If the problem was with Train Fever then all the other Antivirus software would also pick it up, no?

    And a computer with an i7 can have almost any video card in it. If the card is worth $50 then the computer is not going to game well even if it has Intel’s latest 6/8 core i7 extreme edition


    Once the progam I develop was recognized by McAfee as a virus too.

    We had to contact McAfee and they solved the issue. This is a standard process.  It is also an issue between Urban Games and McAfee; not an issue for us as players. Hope the devs got it on their todo list… This can be resolved in a day or two.


    McAfee is like a bad working watchdog.. barking when there is no reason to bark.


    McAfee is junk nowadays – at least since McAfee has sold his av-software to another publisher. Those “false positives” shall animate you to buy a McAfee license. Because you think: “Uh, oh! This piece of av software is great – it has found something suspicious”.


    Btw.: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/intel-drops-the-mcafee-antivirus-brand-john-mcafee-says-he-is-everlastingly-grateful-9044277.html

    How to uninstall McAfee crap – by McAfee:


    never used McAfee but doesn’t it have an “exclude” feature? to ignore certain applications… you would then just add train fever on the exclude list or whatever it may be called.

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