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    Hi there!

    Two nights in a row I spent in train, so today I have a few question about electric trains in game. 😀 And sorry for big post with my bad English.

    1. As we know, on railroads in the main use two types of electricity: direct current (3kV) and alternating current (25kV). Historically, first electrified lines was DC, but from ~50 of the XX century in USSR and France appear lines with AC. Now in world just about 50%\50% DC and AC lines and new lines are built with AC. So, theoretically in game can be implemented the next pros and cons:

    DC (~1879)

    + Cheap locomotives;
    + Recuperation. When locomotive braking, generated electricity back to contact network (consumption is reduced).

    – Very expensive catenary (need very many cuprum and and electrical substantion, because large loss in the wires);
    – Power limit for locomotives.

    AC (~1950)

    + Cheap catenary;
    + Trains can be very heavy and powerful (more cars, more passangers\tons of cargo, more profit);
    + With IGBT – recuperation.

    – Expensive locomotives;

    As a result operation lines with AC more profitable.

    But I understand what for game it can be too difficult. But it might be interesting, I think.

    2. 3rd rail.

    In first electrified lines for transfer electricity was used 3rd rail. It still used in Great Britain, for example. Whether it will be in the TF?

    3. Multiple unit

    To increase the power of locomotives IRL uses MU-scheme, when two or more locomotives pulling a very long train. Can we use MU in game?

    4. EMU

    Well, we can see EMU train ICE-3 on screenshots, but I ask yet: will be in game multiple unit trains like, for example, Stadler FLIRT? Will we can to choose location of motor and trailer cars in this?


    1. We just simplify it to electrical locomotives.

    2. No, as before we try to simplify it. Later in the game you’re able to upgrade tracks with high-speed tracks to increase your profit.

    3. Yes, it’s possible to add more than one locomotive to increase the power of a train.

    4.  It depends on the train you’re going to use. Some can be arranged freely, others have a fixed configuration.


    Thank you for the answer!


    Its like you read the mind of all players! This game looks so promising. I can’t wait!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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