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    I just was trying new patch features and started a new game. And I found a very unpleasant surprise: game now considers almost any street as main conection! I can’t remove any street, even these ones inside cities which have alternative ways.

    There is one example:

    It’s a bug? It’s intentional? I just can’t now demolish streets at my will even on easy mode? (I tried also that mode)

    I noticed some performance drops and increased RAM memory usage too.



    Hmm.. I didn’t know there was such a thing as main connections in the game, never seen it before.

    I’ve never played on hard though, but I don’t see it on medium now. Using mods?

    edit: Just started a new game and now I see it, even on easy. Will take some time to get used to this..


    New patch brings a lot of useful thinks but one which made a game NOT PLAYABLE.


    Each and every road you see, has flag “Main connection” and cant be deleted.

    Fully understand that you tried bring some challenge, but currently is a game in a status of betaversion, so most improvement should be focus on the performance, content, transport algoritms, user interface, models and textures. This “Main connection” style could be done in a year or so, when everthing is polished and tested. Maybe at the game start should be an option – Ironman and new set of Achievemnts. Right now this feature sends the game to hell.

    I belive that you make a HOT fix, and focus on the other areas.

    Thank you for not ruin the game.

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    Even the upgrade the road from one size to another is not possible. Really? Remove it ASAP! thx


    WHY have they done this? Can a member of the dev’ team speak up about this? I have studied both main TF forums a lot and have never seen ANYONE ask “hey, why don’t we lock all the peripheral roads so placing a decent sized station early in the game is nearly impossible, thanks!” They say briefly in the patch announcement that

    “These changes lead to a more realistic passenger simulation and to a more interesting game experience.”

    More realistic???? People only bulldoze roads for two reasons.

    1, To make room for new rail infrastructure (as any rail company would do in real life)

    2, To circumvent the games own FLAWED core that has goods still preferring to walk down a dirt road instead of using the 100kph rail line next to them!

    For goodness sake Urban Games, FIX THE PROBLEMS IT HAS BEFORE ADDING MORE!


    Yep this is a Problem. Game isnt playable anymore. You have to bypass every f****** road before you can replace them.

    Costs to much ingame money, to much time and to much nerves to play this game on.


    More realistic???? People only bulldoze roads for two reasons.

    1. To make room for new rail infrastructure (as any rail company would do in real life)

    2. To circumvent the games own FLAWED core that has goods still preferring to walk down a dirt road instead of using the 100kph rail line next to them!

    I agree with the first one. It is a problem especially in the mountains, where crossings cause awful changes in gradient of your track. But I have to disagree with the second reason. The core is not flawed, you are just not able to make your rail line interesting enough. In other words, it takes longer for the goods to get to the specific factory through your station than by walking. Try build the station near the factories or use a lorry to carry your cargo from station to the factories.


    Everybody here: You did realize that the screenshot shows a huge debt, didn’t you? IMO it isn’t possible to spend money if you are in the red. This isn’t saying that the game didn’t get more annoying with the update, just that it shouldn’t be possible to destroy anything if you lack the funds – even before the last update.

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    The game appears to emit wrong message when It cannot remove road for any reason. I am not having this problem in my games, but I am usually 1billion in the green 🙂


    @n00b, the debt doesnt matters. The message says both things: not enought money AND this is a main connection. There you have a screen without that debt, in a better economical situation (I earn some millions at year):

    Now i'm rich muahahaha > :) But even with all those money I can't remove a simple road :(


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    This is just too funny. hehehe  WTG Urban Games. Good job of listening to the users!!! Mahahaha  I’d sure like to know where these users are that wanted working depot doors and most importantly, who wanted you to make the roads un-destructable. I don’t think I’ve seen either of these 2 requests anywhere. and I’ve been here since the games release. hahahaha. This is just too funny. Sorry everyone else, this just makes me laugh. Sad actually when they ruin their own game and make it even worse to play.. WOW!!!

    BTW, you all should be posting this in the support forum, it’s the one they read and respond in most, imho, and good luck with getting it removed. I can’t even play it any more. I just come here for a good laugh from time to time, sorry.


    Ok, I have played abit with this.

    This is beyond retarded. Not only it is bugged as hell, it also feels like UG is force the players to do what _they_ think is right.

    Remove this crap. ASAP!


    Found this on the German site that might help you all out. I dunno;

    You cant disable this function, however the first thing what you have to do is to build a “detour” so that the “Agent” has two possibility’s to reach the destination.If so … than you can start to bulldoze the street of your choice.

    source – How to disable bulldoze their main connection streets in town


    Disabling removal of main line roads was not necessary. I  urge the devs to remove the feature asap.

    And guys it is not always pleasant to compare it with  real life. In real life, a vehicle can  choose the bypass route but in this game, road vehicles cannot.

    it was fun to transform an ugly city into a planned one. Alternatively, the cost of demolishing main line roads can be hiked instead of preventing it.



    I tend to remove roads everywhere that are not connected to my network. I like to ensure that my network is making the most money possible. This seems to be directly aimed at stopping me doing this; I am undecided about if I like this change or not.

    However, the general consensus seems to be fairly unfavorable.

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