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    Thanks for the fix :).


    Whoohoo, seems to be working fine 🙂 hard to judge stability though on 2min of gameplay 😉 A big thank you


    Why do you create a fix when there is nothing to be fixed ?

    Player have to make the difference between road track and city street track.

    When you have a “main connection – need bypass” issue. You’ve to create your bypass with road tracks and not city street.

    Just scroll down in your street block menu and you’ll find the dirt road tracks needed for the bypass.


    The fix proposed is more an hack than a fix.


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    I am not sure what you want to discuss?

    This is specially for situation when it doesn’t work, or well for players who don’t like the feature at all.


    So why restart a topic until we get a new patch by UG?


    Small note:

    As last resort as requested by users I added a MacOSX patch, untested as usually, so currently on the last page.


    Happy playing…



    Sorry to necro this but I have am finding this a major problem. I cant even lay tram line in a city because i get the main connection error and I cant upgrade tracks to roads. I’m not even trying to remove them just upgrade them but I get this error.


    Its very strange that other people, including myself don’t get the issue you describe and yet it’s basicaly the same software! Are you getting this in new games after recent patches?


    It happens totally randomly. Within same map it may affect only one city.


    When I first started playing TF, I was plagued by main connections, but then at the end of January, a patch came out that fixed a main connection bug and all of a sudden, I find building bypasses solves the problem 99% of the time (the other 1% can be solved with a more elaborate bypass).

    : Have you updated your TF build to the latest version? Are any of the country roads going in to your city main connections? If you can find two such roads, make sure there’s an alternative connection between these roads that bypasses the city altogether.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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