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    Seeing as Train Fever is aiming at a realistic simulation, I wonder how the aspect of fuel is handled. Especially for the early steam and diesel locomotives this is quite important. I would love it if the fuel is something we need to manage and take into account.

    I think it would be pretty cool if we could build refueling stops on long routes. Or have the option for special fuel wagons (which carry coal for example or diesel) to have the trains go longer distances without refueling. A lot of things could factor in the fuel usage like for example: weather (specially wind direction and force), weight of the train, track layout, engine efficiency, upgrades, …

    There’s also a whole economic aspect to adding fuel into the game. Maybe diesel is very expensive and coal is dirt cheap so it might actually be a smart choice to keep using coal locomotives instead of those diesel engines. The prices of fuel could depend on the economy or a simple demand / supply formulae or just RNG… there’s  lots of ways to make it dynamic and interesting.

    If fuel would be added in the game there’s ofcourse the question how the situation would be handled if a train runs out of fuel. Maybe keep running it but at terrible expensive costs. Maybe stop it and you have to get a towing locomotive to the train to pull it into a (refueling) station. There’s quite a few locomotives that specifically made for this purpous (http://www.panamarailroad.org/pg3.html has a few examples but I’m sure theres more)

    All in all I think it could be a very interesting mechanic that could add a lot of depth to Train Fever, I mean imagine fuel with competitors or the whole economy and stocks idea suggested in these forums combined, it would add a lot. With the limited resources available to develepment I can understand that fuel might not make it into the game at release, but I am curious as to what the thoughts on the whole subject of fuel are.

    Anyway just got this idea and I thought let’s throw it in here, what do you think?



    Not very many people in the forum seem to be interested in the potential economic  mechanics of this game, which I don’t quite get.

    As for your idea, I would want the option to have an automated system to buy and load the fuel for me (ie: auto buy x quantity of fuel below a certain price level).  For me, having to make sure each train is fueled would be too tedious/micro managing for me.  I like this idea from a commodity/business production perspective.


    You’re right, having to do the fueling yourselve on each train is way too much work indeed and would only be tedious and should be done automatically. But having to take into consideration fuel prices, engine efficiency and track length when choosing which locomotive you’re going to use and wether or not it will make refueling stops along the way I think would be pretty cool.

    On the business side of things, there are a lot of interesting things you could do with the pricing. How about investing in an oil company in return for discount? How about if you start to grow really big and use lots of fuel, prices go up? How about global things affecting prices like riots in oil producing countries or eco disasters and such.

    If the price would be fluctuating a lot maybe think about storing it, buying it when it’s low and storing it to run your trains cheap for a while. There’s a lot  that could be done and with fuel in the game 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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