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    Hi there,

    These changes I’d liked to see, some were also mentioned in a YouTube video, maybe some are already worked on or mentioned I don’t know. How do you feel about it?

    • Balance/lower running costs of trains, they look to high from all the vid’s I saw on YouTube, which force you to use road transportation more.
    • Fix the signals animation.
    • Option to change the color of locomotives, busses and trucks.
    • Option to change names of towns.
    • Option to make crosses/ X junction on rails.
    • Grouping stations/ bus stops makes actually one station for the passengers/goods, I saw the latest movie of JM764 who mentioned this problem. Grouping is now just an easier way for making lines but the passengers still use the station/stops separately.
    • Add a special open (train)wagon for wood, so you can actually see those pillars of wood laying on the wagon instead of using a goods wagon for it.
    • Then a wood truck also make sense. Create an open wood truck too.

    Well can’t wait to play this game, 4 days and then it’s on 😛

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    • There’s definitely some room for balance – But keeping trains on the long lines helps because of higher profit per good.
    • Pretty sure is on the immediate release list.
    • This isn’t a feature for release but it might happen down the road (iirc from a thread)
    • Definitely – You can change the seeded names in a file, but not rename them atm.
    • Pretty sure X crossing are on the way.
    • Yes – Also combined tunnel systems (It’s been suggested)
    • Agreed – Lumber is too easy to exploit since you can do a combined Wood/Good line with them.

    Good to see they working on it, then again it’s a beta so I understand it’s not done yet. though the release is pretty soon so. I would also liked to see a more animated road to rail passing (with a moving pole etc.) The signal X (which says there’s a rail juncion on the road) also needs a 90 degree turn as far as I know.

    • Upgrade station (Game VehicleGigant, I can upgrade stations)
    • Upgrade train and waggon (Game Sid Meier’s Railroads, I can upgrade trains, here my opinion I can upgrade train and waggons, train will drive in depot automatically)
    • Planing / sketching tool (http://www.train-fever.com/forums/topic/planing-sketching-tool-needed/)
    • New hotkeys “backspace” (Game Locomotion, if I press backspace, windows will close, is very useful)
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    • Overview of trains, buses and trams without build depot
    • Comparison of Locos / Waggons: Need to see two Locomotives in the “Buy” Screen back to back, so I can select the one I like without switching.
    • Improve overview company (Level1, Level2, …) or (1 coal, 2 coals, …) how high production.

    Loving the game alot so far, very good job Urban Games!

    I did notice it’s not possible (yet) to build tunnels under rivers, I would love to see this added.


    I’ve just buy this game and have play a bit so far. Here are my idea:

    •  x-crossing definitely will simplify track lying
    • Cargo road vehicles may pick cargo direclty from industry. Cargo station should be use only for supplying cities and reload vehicles. It’s the way it work in natural world.
    • There should be some availability to improve train station, so you can add additional track or a cargo bay.
    • I saw nice idea to add airport or shipyard as location on the map which provide import and export (like in simcity)

    I enjoy the game very much


    you can build tunnels below a river, you just need a longer access ramp so that it does not become too steep.

    • Manual keybindings, I want to select the keybindings myself.
    • Map scrolling when mouse pointer is over HUD elements, right now I cant scroll the map using the mouse if the mouse pointer moves over any of the HUD elements, leading to choppy and frustrating map scrolling.

    Already poured quite a few hours into this game 😛

    Would love to see in addition to what you guys have suggested;

    • Option (hold shift) to build road and rail in 45 degree increments allowing for properly straight and diagonal lines (would be useful in cities)
    • All stops in a group should have the same name
    • An option to auto build one-way signals
    • An auto signalling option which would place signals at a set distance apart if possible (wouldn’t work on junctions etc)
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