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    Why are the GP9’s facing/driving backwards?

    Can you please have them facing forward LoL.

    Or better yet, add the forward facing one as a single and use the reverse one you made for a duel set Please.




    you have American trains running “Backwards”


    the short nose is the front.

    LoL this is ridiculous


    Not necessarily, I looked on YouTube out of curiosity and found just as many running in one way as the other. I think the early ones like in the game might have been designed to run long end first, only changing to short end first when the ‘low nose’ model came out later on.

    Anyway, front or back, diesels are designed to be driven either way and often would run ‘backwards’ as it’s simply not worth turning them round.

    I find it funny that you can get angry about something so small and yet seem oblivious to the fact that trains DO NOT simply flip end to end at the end of a line like they do here. What’s more unrealistic or in your words, ‘ridiculous’, that or a diesel running backwards?


    Really…dating one steam engine that starts and ends the same day, German buildings in a wild west town. Trains not running the correct direction. Graphic glitches.

    The TFGM has trashed my mods and the TFGM four times everything has had to be re-loaded. I have all the mods from the net and Russian sites. Have had to re-load everything four times. People at the net site continue to build mods that get loaded into the game’s Res folder messing up the game to where you have to pull the res folder and TFGM stuff from the main game folder, then re-download and re-install the game over and over.


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    I don’t mean you Simonmd, “they” must be clueless not to keep up with this. The new post says to rebuild your game “remove the res folder, re-download the game.” Then to place all mods outside the game’s main files into the new mod folder, then in a second sentence it says to use the TFGM (which will load the mods right back into that res folder.)

    They need to get their act together or people will get frustrated and go elsewhere. They get enough bad reviews in Steam and they will loose buyers.


    I’m 100% with you on both your last posts, I’m just not sure what they have to do with asking if the game’s GP9 is going backwards or not! My original reply seems doubly ironic now as you obviously have had your fair share of being mucked about by the constant updates and changes so I’m still curious as to why you focused on something as minor as the direction of a double ended engine?


    Strange. For me, TFGM installs all the mods to MOD folder and no issues so far.


    If the TFGM has been updated so as each mod gets extracted and Only gets placed in the new directory that is cool. However that being said…why have a game manager then. Just make each mod in a single file folder that has the mod name on it and simply drag and drop them into the mod folder. Or…better yet use Steam’s WorkShop for all mods. Steam auto updates all mods a player subscribes to. In this manner, if say a train engine gets updated, the old subscribers are automatically updated.

    I am not too sure having an exe from said game managers inside the game’s default files, may not be making the game unstable, having the name trainfever all through it, my thought is the game is scanning it every scan and may be generating errors.

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    Why should the game scan the root folder?

    And even if it does, it won’t get confused by additional files there. It scans for files it expects to be there, not random stuff.

    Auto-update of mods is not always a good idea. If mod A depends on mod B, and B gets changed in a way that makes updates of all dependencies necessary, auto-update ruins my game. If I made personal adjustments to a mod that get overwritten by auto-update, my game is ruined. If I don’t like a particular update and would like to keep an old version, auto-update deprives me of that option.

    If I heavily mod a particular game (as opposed to installing like 2 or 3 minor things), I tend to avoid the Workshop even if it’s available, for exactly that reason.

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