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    same problem but mine is intel hd graphics core i5 560M

    any solutions


    Eagerly awaited and anticipated this game’s release and now it’s finally here!

    ‘Starting game’ >> “OpenGL content creation failed, please update your videocard drivers.

    Aargh , oh noes!  Ah well, surely it’s something we can fix, let’s see what the world wide web has to say about this.


    About 3 hours later and a lot (A LOT) of effort from my part later, cause I really want to play this game, I still have the same issue. I have tried everything.

    I see the problem now, but it’s not really a problem, it’s only a problem with this game somehow. I play 100’s of games and this is the first game I can’t get to work.

    You see, I have an integrated video card and a seperate fast GPU, games normally switch to this faster GPU automatically, but this game does not. And really, it’s the first of it’s kind that doesn’t. I can’t choose my videocard, so I’m screwed. Thanks for all the anticipating and more and you can’t even get it to work on a PC that’s sold to 1000’s of people (and is really common), just cause the game doesn’t switch to my better gfx card. Can you do something about this? And no I can’t switch manually, I’ve even removed the whole driver from system and then I can only run windows on basic graphic driver, it just doesn’t switch to my faster gfx card.

    Thnx in advance….


    I have the same problem. I even ran GPU Caps Viewer v 1.12.0 which shows Open Gl 3.1 drivers are installed and the Open GL 3 demo runs fine. I have run out of ideas now having installed all the latest graphics drivers and all other suggestions that I could find on the’net so it seems that this game has only functioned as an additional burden on the credit card that I used to buy it


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    Having the exact same problem as everyone else over here! Can’t get the game started. I would love to use it with my Nvidia GeForce GT 540M card but the game won’t work. It’s impossible to switch to the graphic card manually. I really hope Train Fever will do something about it! Otherwise I would like to get my money back…


    Same issue same graphique card ( GT630M)

    Anyone has an idea about the date for the fixing or a patch or something….



    please patch for fix HD graphic.

    useless I’ve bought this game but can not play


    Issue resolved!

    For the graphique card error, i have opened my Nvidia control panel

    -> setup 3D settings

    -> select personolize program

    -> add the game

    ->  Then select Nvidia procesor high perfomance


    It’s work for me, so get try 😉


    Didnt work for me, Still same Open GL issue

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    Same problem, i don’t know what to do, I’m not a computer genius, and is drive me crazy.


    I’ve fixed the problem!!! I downloaded AMD Radeon drivers from the website and now the game works. I would suggest that people with the same problem (with a notebook pc that has two GPUs) right click on the desktop and if there are no options relating to GPU selection then try and find new drivers for the high performance GPU. My notebook is a Samsung NP530U4B and i couldn’t find any drivers for the Radeon GPU on the Samsung site so i did a quick Google and found the drivers on


    Tried new patch, tried zillion different driver versions, still same problem. GPU stays on slow one, doesn’t switch to fast one, I have no way to change my graphics card manually. Please fix this.


    So you don’t have this option in the Catalyst Control Center:

    We cannot fix your driver issue. This has to be done on your laptop or from the graphics card driver.


    From what I’ve read, not everyone has that option. I’m using the latest drivers for both Gpu’s shown in next image:

    That’s also the latest version for AMD Catalyst Control Center, but my CCC looks like this:


    @xaviro / Und3ad

    You guys deserve a medal or something for your sevices to the greater TF community!

    After days of trawling for and attempting fixes, I gave your’s a try and was running the game without problems on my laptop within minutes.

    Anyone running nvidia cards needs to try this if they havn’t already

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