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    So I have been playing the game on hard setting and noticed that you can make money via cargo and bus lines, but avoid trains and trams.

    Make sure all your bus tram lines are under 145 seconds.

    Trains do pickup passengers if you stay around 9 minute mark. – but they just like trams are not profitable due to volume city probably must be above 1000 pop for them to make sense. Similar issue with Trams volume lack of profit.

    Buses are great for moving people between cities and you can make good profit.

    It would be great if the Devs would be able to show when you click on a station you placed the area that the station will draw upon populace.





    Sorry, misunderstood, ignore this post.


    Trams aren’t profitable???

    From first trams till 1960s its the most valuable income for me on hard difficulty – intercity trams. Make sure about speedy roads – trams has a very good profit.


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    Traian Trante

    Eh… intercity trams shoud be trains, it’s an exploit…..


    So I was able to make trains or busses to turn a profit by using them on large roads for max speed between cities. By year 2086 cities get large near 800 and traffic jams are every where…. I have stations on the outside of cities and will try to run trains again once I have about 100 mil in cash again as it can easily drain your cash reserve.


    It’s possible to gain a small profit with trains when very causious about the running costs and keep infrastructure at a minimum. But you will not be able to survive with trains only. The profit is not enough to invest in both expansion and replacement after x years of service. Trams, and especially buses and trucks are the money bringers, and make the game playable on hard mode.

    Train with still a little Fever… but I’m having a ball with it! 😉

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    Passenger service is supplementary for hard mode. Primary resource of money in hard – is cargo trains.

    Passengers needs just for expanding cities and it doesnt’ expected to be profitable.



    Seems that way.


    I agree that intercity trams are a great source of income in hard mode! Besides, they are not an exploit, they are very historical indeed.

    It’s history, the intercity tramways  (interurbans in Usa) were very popular and very profitable both in Usa and Europe during the end of 19th / begin of 20th centuries.

    Perhaps, for added realism, there should be a way to build interurban tram tracks separated by roads (as in reality, because interurban trams almost always ran on separated tracks between two cities).


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