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    I’m enjoying the game very much, it’s a welcome spin on the whole tycoon genre.

    However, there’s something i wanna report, maybe its a bug, but here it goes.

    Stations aren’t getting high speed lines, so i can’t run through trains at more then 120km/h.


    Thanks for the game!


    Just gonna make sure, you placed “high speed rails” right?


    Not sure you can place high speed rails in stations, I haven’t worked it out yet


    I was wondering the same thing.

    Traian Trante

    i can’t be done yet. if you want a speedy line, avoid the station.


    *shaking my head* *sighing*


    Yes, a lot of work needs to be done. I really wish i could change some code myself. A lot of stuff is hard coded.


    Well to be fair I am not sure in RL trains go through stations at 300 km/h. I’m pretty sure they slow down somewhat, don’t they? For safety or whatever else reasons…


    They do go through stations at full speed, though the high speed tracks tend to be in between actual platforms. Obviously this can’t be done in TF (at least not with the default station models), so having station tracks speed limited is just… well, shaking head and facepalm worthy. I hadn’t even picked up on that, as I’ve given up on high speed trains long before this even surfaced as a problem. It’s just one of those bewildering design flaws you don’t even expect to be there.


    It can be done in TF, route the highspeed tracks around the station and they drive with maximum speed through it.


    (large version)

    Imagine the 2 inner tracks to be highspeed.


    Azrael, routing the high speed routes around the station will only work if the around route is shorter. Otherwise the fast trains will just want to go through the station even if the need to slow down.

    Also to benefit on those 300 km/h trains you need to have veeeery long distances between stations for them to be avle to reach those speeds. They kinda accelerate very slowly.


    In England trains will often pass platforms going much faster than 120km/h, see here for an example of a train passing a platform at 200km/h.  They even have a announcement to tell pax on that platform to stand back from the edge.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGKa7y1Ulr4


    sry i’m french and not that good in english , but there is a solution , the Double loop line

    this is the same thing than the Nique exemple , but with a 2 lines stations :

    how to use this ?

    imagine a  line with 7 stations , A B C D E F G

    with a double loop line , the train , from A , go directly to C without B , from C to E , and so on


    this is the representation of a comon line :

    there is only Two stations with high speed track here ,but imagine they’re all with the same 2 high speed line + stations lines configuration

    and the result :

    the 2×2 path signal  are useless , just here to force the game to make loop

    Signal path before station :

    path signals after  station :

    high speed have priority , at least in theory

    enjoy !

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